HOW sale-leaseback works for data centers

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Do you want to cut you maintenance and electricity cost in half?

Do you run your own data center that has become a little over the years and requires expensive investments? How climate smart is your own data center and is it in line with the company’s overall sustainability strategy Are you up to the challenge of finding competent personnel who can take care of your data center? We see reporting on how data centers are becoming a bigger and bigger threat to the environment. One reason for that is that data centers become outdated or were built at a time where environmental issues where not as prioritized are energy inefficient in a way that is bad for the environment. And running your own data center can be a real headache when it eventually starts to fail, go down or components needs upgrading. 

Does it sound familiar? Then it is time to look at a sale – leaseback model from Conapto.

This guide presents the concept of sale-leaseback for data centers and also includes a customer case with numbers showing how a customer cut their data center's operation costs in half after using sale-leaseback.

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